Monday, March 8, 2010

Zero Point Energy Generator - Free Magnetic Energy to Reduce Home Power Bills!

zero point energy generator

As energy demands increase, fossil fuels run out, and energy prices go up, people have been exploring free energy plans for alternative forms of energy and renewable energy devices. While free energy plans for some technologies have been accepted as legitimate, like solar panels and wind turbines, more obscure devices have had a harder time gaining acceptance. For example, free energy plans can be found on the internet that claim you can use simple magnets to build a zero point energy generator. Most people dismiss this out of hand, assuming such a thing is impossible. The science behind the zero point energy generator, however, deserves a closer look. It might not be as impossible as you might think.

What Is Zero point Energy?

Well, there are really two definitions: there's the strictly scientific definition, and then there's what it means in pop culture.

  1. Scientifically speaking, zero point energy is the lowest possible collective energy that a closed quantum mechanical system can have at ground state. If you didn't understand that, its okay, most people don't. The point is that the zero point energy of a physical system, although miniscule, is stable and infinite.
  2. It is this "infinite" part that captures the imagination. If humanity could only harness that power with a zero point energy generator, the global energy crisis would be over. So far, however, no one has been able to do this, and it may well be impossible.
  3. This hasn't stopped the concept of zero point energy from appearing in pop culture science fiction for decades. TV shows like Start Trek and Stargate, movies like The Incredibles, and video games like Half-Life 2 all make use of fictional devices powered by a zero point energy generator. Of course, fans of these shows and games don't really understand the quantum-mechanical principles behind zero point energy. They simply know that zero point energy is supposed to be infinite.

That brings us to the second, pop culture definition of zero point energy: any energy that is free and unlimited. This would include things like the sun, the tides, gravity... and magnetism.

Magnetism is essentially free energy. You don't have to put gasoline or batteries into a magnet to get it to work. A magnet will always exert power drawing metal to it as long as it exists, constantly and infinitely. Well, not really infinitely-the magnet will crumble to dust in a few hundred million years-but for the lifespan of human civilization, it's effectively infinite.

If magnetic energy could be converted to electrical energy, magnets could generate free (or at least extremely cheap) and unlimited power. The free energy plans for a zero point energy generator available online do exactly this.

Electricity is generated by spinning an iron core, wrapped in copper wire, in a magnetic field. Unfortunately, you have to expend energy to turn that rotor. Most power plants burn coal or boil water to create stem to spin a turbine to turn the copper-wrapped iron rotor in the magnetic field. Complicated, isn't it?

Free energy plans for a magnetic zero point energy generator, however, uses the push-pull effect of alternating magnets of opposite polarity to keep the rotor turning by itself. You have to spend some energy to stat the rotor turning, sure, but after that, it will keep going all by itself-and generate electricity the whole time.

Of course, the electricity created isn't unlimited-there's only so much power it can generate at one time-but it can keep generating that amount of electricity for a long, long, long time.

So take a closer look at free energy plans for magnetic energy generators. There's more to it that you might suspect.

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